Bank Coop

Bank Coop is a Swiss bank with nearly 100 years of experience. Founded in 1927 it was known until 1995 under the name of Cooperative Central Bank.

Bank Coop branches SWIFT / BIC Codes in Switzerland

The list of Bank Coop branches SWIFT / BIC Codes in Switzerland grouped by location. You can carry out transactions with one of the bank’s branches using one of the following banking codes.

Branch Name Swift Code
Bank Coop AG, Basle COOPCHBB
Bank Coop AG, Berne COOPCHBB30A
Bank Coop AG, Biel (Bienne) COOPCHBB25A
Bank Coop AG, Brugg COOPCHBB52A
Bank Coop AG, Lucerne COOPCHBB60A
Bank Coop AG, Olten COOPCHBB46A
Bank Coop AG, Schaffhausen COOPCHBB82A
Bank Coop AG, St. Gallen COOPCHBB90A
Bank Coop AG, Zurich COOPCHBB80A
Banque Coop, SA, Geneva COOPCHBB12A
Banque Coop, SA, Lausanne COOPCHBB10A
Banque Coop, SA, Neuchatel COOPCHBB20A
Banca Coop SA, Lugano COOPCHBB69A